Winston Churchill’s grandson to vote against PM Johnson

Winston Churchill’s grandson to vote against PM Johnson

Winston Churchill’s grandson Nicholas Soames is expected to be expelled from the Conservative Party after voting against PM Boris Johnson on Brexit. Soames was one of 21 Conservative lawmakers who rebelled, with the others including including Ken Clarke, the longest continuously sitting British lawmaker in the House of Commons, and former finance minister Philip Hammond.

jane 5 months

His grandfather would be so embarrassed with his pathetic submission to German authority.

Chris Causey
Chris Causey 5 months

why is this even news? who is this guy and what are his achievements and contributions to society? it's a bit like saying Britney Spears niece would have voted for a different agt contestant. so what?

white cis male monster!
white cis male monster! 5 months

Well then, he must be nothing more than a Nazi collaborator, just like the rest of the remainers 😉

Unity.Nat 5 months

Thank god his last name is not Churchill

Free lead for commies
Free lead for commies 5 months

Churchill's grandson would vote against you should too. Is that the point of this bullshit?

Sapper82 5 months

Have any of you guys seen him in Parliament? If you haven’t he is a loud, obnoxious and sanctimonious toff, who thinks it is his destiny to keep the UK in the grasping claws of the EU. He along with his other EU turncoats, are handing back all of our countries laws, limitless amounts of moneys until the EU say they’ve had enough (like that’ll happen) and limitless amounts of islamic migration to enrich our mass raped children even more- and stop with the faux outrage, the VAST majority of paedophillia is carried out by islamic rape gangs- the ‘moderates’ and ‘good’ ones will never call the police when they know what’s going on though. Any way- I think Sir Winston would be utterly ashamed of Parliament right now, and equally ashamed of the royal family, who happily sit in their palaces whilst the country is being given away by traitors to the crown. Couldn’t make it up.

Paul C
Paul C 5 months

"the grandson of Winston Churchill, choked up, fighting back tears." Fucking hell, did the person that wrote this think this would make people sympathize with him?!

J K 5 months

old winnie must be spinning in his grave

Andre Gerard
Andre Gerard 5 months

It's September, the summer hole should be over by now!

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