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El Paso victims sue Walmart.

El Paso victims sue Walmart.

The family of two El Paso victims are suing Walmart for lack of security measures to thwart the mass shooting.

White Man’s Burden
White Man’s Burden
porcus 1 year

So they expect that retailers should be providing armed security? That doesn't seem very reasonable. Why aren't they suing the shooter?

bobby_5150 1 year

I feel sorry for them, but please pull your heads out of your asses. Please.

Sir_Kutz 1 year

I feel for them, but this is grossly misplaced. Their shit lawyer should have told them so.

Nicholas Noel
Nicholas Noel 1 year

The shooter (the one you're supposed to sue) -> Walmart (Not this one) -> District (Not this one) -> County (Not this one) -> State (Not this one) -> Country (Not this one)

atlas shrugged
atlas shrugged 1 year

Next suit for malpractice against the lawyer that filed this idiotic suit. Suit after that against themselves for sheer and utter stupidity.

John W
John W 1 year

they refuse to allow arm themselves or for others to arm themselves, then complain about lack of security. who will protect you on the sidewalk outside Walmart's property?

Deadman 0_0
Deadman 0_0 1 year

Greedy asshokes just wanting money and using a recent tragedy as an excuse.

T.N. Morgan
T.N. Morgan 1 year

Did y'all know that not even cops are required to protect people? Read: And these idiots think Walmart is supposed to provide them with armed security? Lol.

John Doh
John Doh 1 year


Michael Greenburg
Michael Greenburg 1 year

If Walmart only has no-gun signs up the shooter would have stopped in his tracks. Oh wait, Walmart decided that is the way to go now. Yep, that will work for sure!

AW1990 1 year

guess they need to hang a "gun free zone" sign on the door now...

Miles O'Brien
Miles O'Brien 1 year

They should be suing the supposed thousands of gun carrying fellow shoppers from not stopping the guy.

porcus 1 year

Duplicate story

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