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Backlash after China’s Weibo post mocks India’s Covid crisis

Backlash after China’s Weibo post mocks India’s Covid crisis

A social media post from an account linked to the Chinese Communist Party sparked controversy for appearing to mock India over the ongoing Covid crisis. The post on Weibo showed an image of a rocket launch in China alongside a photo of the bodies of Covid victims being cremated in India. The post, deleted since, carried a text: ’Lighting a fire in China VS lighting a fire in India.’

whatsGucci 4 days

The amount of balls they have to laugh at the misery pain and death they’ve caused is unbelievable. How does this continue to go ignored? It’s like a serial killer smirking in court when their victims’ families are crying on stand talking about their loved one - it’s disgusting and psychopathic

Eric Hansen
Eric Hansen 4 days

That's rich coming from China where they can't/won't execute a controlled deorbit of their 21 metric ton rocket booster

Piotr 4 days

China is turning into a bigger threat with each passing day. I wish the western governments would see it for what it is and rise above greed and money to unite and protect our lifestyle and values against them.

MyVoice 4 days

China genocide against uighurs vs India pathetic covid control and abuse against its muslim populations. They are both powder kegs waiting to explode.

GB Oz 4 days

The rest of the world, needs to adopt the same tone and wolf warrior diplomacy as China does. Business as usual diplomacy does not work with China

JakeN 4 days

China bros, what's do u guys think about Weibo and this situation ? I'm not a user, what would Weibo doing this equal in the west?

ttocsick 4 days

Real phukn funny you communist pieces of sh¡+. War with the yellow horde is in need I'm afraid.

Robert Griffis
Robert Griffis 4 days

This is all such fake news. Trying to foster WWIII between China, India, etc. Fake CIA news.

Kkr 4 days

China is not the only country who doing this.

C 4 days

Big differences India is being completely honest and China is hiding their Mass Graves

Faittastic 3 days

War is coming

Robo 3 days

There is no Indian Covid crisis.

Jen 4 days

Thanks absolutely disgusting. Ugh

Indo 3 days

Sounds like them alright. Ever the funnymen.

Morbo 4 days

Why should the CCP care about dead indians when they murdered and starved 100 million of their own people

Phoenix 3 days

China spreads the Chinese virus and then laughs as other countries bury the dead. Sounds about right.

Seekster 3 days

The CCP is the great evil of our time.

Andrew Montague
Andrew Montague 2 days

The more people realize that the CCP doesn't play well with anybody and are supremacists only for Han Chinese people the better.

Shono 2 days

Meanwhile China is genociding people..sooooo

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