Trump diverts money from military spending to border wall

Trump diverts money from military spending to border wall

The Trump administration has decided to move nearly $3.6 billion from military spending. The money has now been earmarked to be spent on the border wall.

Raymond Crowley
Raymond Crowley 6 months

the description of this is misleading. The border wall is considered a military asset and concern. all spending pertaining to the border, whether 10 years ago or today, comes from the military budget.

porcus 6 months

Good! Build it faster please.

Andrew Colomy
Andrew Colomy 6 months

Get it done!

Rusty 6 months

Causing serious problems to Republicans? Like what? Too much winning, to the point where they're tired of winning?

Steven Arkin
Steven Arkin 6 months


Dave 6 months

$3.6 billion sounds a lot, till you realise the US military budget is $693 billion.

BIG YOSHI 6 months

Less money for bombing innocent people in the middle east. HOORAY!

Moogle Joestar
Moogle Joestar 6 months

"Could hurt the GOP" Sure thing bro

Ywacch 6 months

This guy is really MAGAing. God bless the president.

Mitchell 6 months

This being "bad for the GOP" is a wet dream for you isn't it MSNPC? You're operating off of the premise that voters on boarder states don't want the boarder wall for some reason, and that the presence of the wall will make voters disappointed in republicans because they "let them down". They had to vote these Reps into office in the first place! In what world does any voter base that's anti-wall vote republican? Do you all assume that swing voters are anti-wall but begrudgingly vote republican because of the economy? Or that ONLY hard and fast republicans want the wall? Do you remember when boarder security was a liberal position in 2006? I remember that, and I was in middle school! Maybe stop masturbating to your anti-Trump fan fiction and come down from your ivory tower to actually talk to some real people. You could actually learn something other than a new gender.

MightyMargulis 6 months

shouldn't military spending already include securing our borders, isnt that the main reason we started our military?

Barry 6 months

i hope it's big enough to stop all the shipments of drugs. on ships. not even crossing the border

Rui Ribeiro
Rui Ribeiro 6 months

isnt it basicly the same thing?

John W
John W 6 months

this is all politics, who takes this seriously. Obama did much worst in shifting funds.

F G 6 months

He can do that! It's legal and constitutional. He is the Commander and chief! He should do it!

Louie 6 months


Arch! 6 months

Took him long enough!

FoxStar 6 months

That money could be better used to help Americans with their actual real problems, not this made-up one. All this money for a racist wall.

Christopher Harris
Christopher Harris 6 months

bigger and better walls!

Jason 6 months

Anyone want to kick start my ladder business in Mexico ?

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