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Florida principal caught on camera whacking 6-year-old with paddle

Florida principal caught on camera whacking 6-year-old with paddle

A Florida elementary school principal is under investigation for whacking a 6-year-old girl with a paddle. Melissa Carter, head of Central Elementary School in Clewiston, was filmed bending the child over and hitting her several times with the wooden paddle. The mother was called by the school because her daughter had apparently caused about $50-worth of damage to a computer.

Viviko 1 weeks

So, I guess the mother was more interested in what she could win in a lawsuit over the well-being of her own child? What kind of mother just sits there filming while someone is beating your child? This doesn’t really add up.

Robert_Clearwater 1 weeks

Thumbs down to the mother for sitting there and filming it, like she didn't know she had a choice to rescue her child. Personally I think paddling is ok in schools, but if you disagree with it you have the power to stop the school from doing it. This is the kind of schooling you get when you federalize the education system: Two fat administrators trying to disrobe your child before they beat him while the !gnor4nt-of-her-rights mother sits and watches.

Indigo 1 weeks

Something doesn't add up here.

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