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John Oliver lambastes ’fear baboon’ Tucker Carlson over Covid vaccines

John Oliver lambastes ’fear baboon’ Tucker Carlson over Covid vaccines

John Oliver has called out Fox News host Tucker Carlson for spreading doubt about the Covid-19 vaccines. This comes as Carlson has repeatedly sewn doubt about the efficacy of the vaccines, and even questioned the need for some groups to be vaccinated at all. Referring to Carlson as a ’scrunch-faced fear baboon,’ Oliver said ’people like Tucker raise questions without bothering to answer them.’

Rocket 1 weeks

And John Oliver 🤡💩 is a pathetic PUNK. No scientific evidence that ANY of the garbage pushed by FAUCI the FRAUD has any basis in fact! It works both ways Oliver the FEAR-MONGERING MORON!

John 1 weeks

See how he reverted to immature name calling? That’s a common tactic of immature people when they start losing a debate or arguement. (Oh & the vaccines don’t stop transmission. Ergo, it makes no difference if a healthy vaccine gets it or not as Covid 19 doesn’t kill healthy people.)

Cooper 1 weeks

John Oliver is an entertainer on the staunch entertainment network HBO. He hosts a weekly program that satirizes our political landscape and the actors both within it and the periphery. He and his writers are hilarious! I highly recommend Last Week Tonight Tucker Carlson is also an entertainer, but he masquerades as a news anchor. He and his producers have been taken to court for perpetuating falsehoods, but they escape conviction by convincing judges he is just entertainment - not a credible news source. Also, Tucker Carlson has been rumored as a possible political candidate in if one comedian's comments about Tucker Carlson's position on a "hot" political topic is going to send all the right-wing minions into a tizzy, well, shit, the next election cycle will be chockablock full of rage-tweets. Can't wait. Tucker Carlson is a petulant man-child that does not deserve the voice he has. If ever there was such thing as an elitist - Tucker Carlson is it. He is toxic. FOX is not news. All MSM is infotainment.

O'Brien 1 weeks

Only one of those two is an American who loves his country. Once more the English tries to sink America.

Joel 1 weeks well here is a link with videos of doctors and even Fauci substantiating the efficacy or lack of effectiveness of the "vaccine". All claims are posted with links, do your own research or you could listen to a bought and paid for comedian who reads off of a script. Your choice

Mod Okay
Mod Okay 1 weeks

O no you cant make fun of the patron saint of aggrieved white males

Tech Leprechaun
Tech Leprechaun 1 weeks

So questioning a rushed and largely untested medical procedure which claims to be a vaccine yet still leaves you susceptible to catching and carrying the devastating 99.9% survivable virus is fear mongering. But burning down cities because a guy who once threatened to shoot a pregnant woman in the belly died of an overdose while restrained by the police for passing counterfeits and resisting the subsequent arrest is cool. Wow, the world we live in.

Emperor Tito
Emperor Tito 1 weeks

John Oliver is a “comedian” who’s political views consist of “it’s [CURRENT YEAR], why doesn’t everyone agree with me?”. Watching John Oliver as a source of information is like consuming McDonalds as a source of nutrition every day.

Mpcooner 1 weeks

How dare anyone question the vaccines. This is the problem these days. Either agree with us or you will get thrashed.

Skot 1 weeks

That's funny. People like Oliver seem to accept answers without even questioning them. It's almost as if their livelihood is dependent upon towing the establishment line.

Chronocentric 1 weeks

Hmm lots of Democrats and prominent leftists were saying last year they wouldn’t get the vaccine just because Trump. Where was John Oliver then?

NightWriter17 1 weeks

Holy £μ©|<, who the £μ©|< cares? How is this news? When they physically assault each other in a fast food lobby you can tell us about it. This isn't news, it's gossip.

Beijing Biden
Beijing Biden 1 weeks

Can we deport this foriegn trash and that other mongrel from comedy central can't remember his name oh Trevor Noah absolute anti AMERICAN filth in this is unbelievable they are allowed to stay

edwin 1 weeks

So is Oliver going to call out politicians who slighted the vaccine under Trump? Not saying its safe and I'm certainly not getting it, but fair is fair. Whats good for the news caster is good for the criminal.. I mean politician.

Hypnotica 1 weeks

John Oliver still has a show?! Thought that guy fell off the planet years ago! He's just jealous cause Tucker has a far bigger audience and better ratings. John might as well fall of the planet cause no one will miss him...

Aleks 1 weeks

Oh come on... you really like the bafooonTucker? He is a paid actor for low intelligence people... ah...ok... now I see why you like him...👍

Arthur 1 weeks

John Oliver is a comedian not to be trusted for his opinions!

Arthur 1 weeks

John Oliver is a comedy baboon and not even a good comedian!

Deet 1 weeks

Carlson is making reasonnable critics about fauci saying that even if you get vaccinated, nothing would change. Saldy people like john oliver have bought the woke narrative. Hes not relevant anymore. Oliver caved in the BLM/Antifa crap. Just sad to see that unfold.

OUTRAW mf 1 weeks

I don't want to hear anybody that supports this nonsense talk about stoking fear. This is been the worst fear campaign since 9/11

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