Iranian tanker Adrian Darya I found anchored off Syrian port of Tartus

Iranian tanker Adrian Darya I found anchored off Syrian port of Tartus

Iranian oil tanker, Adrian DaryaI 1 has been found to be two nautical miles off the Syrian port of Tartus.The tanker was seized by Gibraltar in July over fears it was bound for Syria, violating EU sanctions. It was later released following assurances given that it would not head for the war-ravaged country.

EpochPrime 6 months

Muslims lying? It's like their faith allows them to lie to non-believers without facing any penalty in their religion. 🤔

Petri Fide
Petri Fide 6 months

Iranians lieing... say it isn't so.

Evolved 6 months

Remember all those left wing news sites who said there was no reason to believe this tanker was headed to Syria and its detention was just the United Kingdom capitulating to Trump? Funny how that wasn’t at all the case.

porcus 6 months

Huh, color me shocked. What kind of world do we live in when we cannot believe the words of a terrorist-sponsoring state?

Hannibal 6 months

Get in there Trump! Sounds like Iran violated international law and a legal blockade can now be declared.

Avi Khait
Avi Khait 6 months

Assurances, huh. Remember this when their apologists insist that Iran is trustworthy.

Voice of Reason
Voice of Reason 6 months

Hmmm, I wonder how they plan on getting the tanker out of the Mediterranean. The US has a significant presence in the Red Sea which, I imagine, is why they didn't use the Suez Canal to begin with, and I doubt Gibraltar is going to be very accommodating this time around since they look like a bunch of idiots now.

Unity.Nat 6 months

I say sink the ship, the Syrians will have the oil as it washes up onto their shore.

Miles O'Brien
Miles O'Brien 6 months

All the US posturing and sanctions have had no effect. I wonder if that would be different if Trump hadn't backed out of the treaty? By itself the US has no real power.

david dindu
david dindu 6 months


John W
John W 6 months

why do they act like the can't track a tanker. either the government is lying or stupid which is it.

Michael Shields
Michael Shields 6 months

No shit!!!!!! Can we stop acting like fucking mugs and treat them like exactly what they are now?.. They are the enemy of the free peoples of the west. They deserve no second chances, and will grant us no mercy as soon as their leverage over us is significant enough to wield.

ThatOneGuy WhoDoesThatThing
ThatOneGuy WhoDoesThatThing 6 months

Blow it up...

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