Microsoft’s quirky musical video makes fun of failures

Microsoft’s quirky musical video makes fun of failures

A quirky musical video made by Microsoft’s employees and interns mentions the company’s successes and failures. But most significantly, it pokes fun at the failed Vista, Windows Phone and such projects that did not click.

Milkshake 5 months

I skipped randomly into the vid and instantly hit a female empowerment part. That's when Windows 10 decided to force an auto-update and for the first time and probably only time in history a forced auto-update was welcomed with appreciation.

Lukasz Magierowski
Lukasz Magierowski 5 months

Windows Phone was good, they had to give it more time and back developers to make apps

Dave 5 months

"Yay look at how rubbish we are! Let's dance and sing about it!"

Barra Cudda
Barra Cudda 5 months

And i thought the rumors of microsoft being a cult were unfounded.

White Man’s Burden
White Man’s Burden 5 months

That lame video couldn’t be more “diverse” ... shm

Fishing 5 months

Painful... If they’ve got this kind of free time on their hands, it’s time to liquidate MSFT....

flinx101 5 months

the Deadpool musical was much better

Indo 5 months

Yes and those of us who had to live with the big monkey behind the MS wares will tell u this - #$-+)!"'))(!!':;!!!!

Katharine 5 months

I wanted a surface

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