Johnson to bid for snap poll as Brexit delay bill to become law

Johnson to bid for snap poll as Brexit delay bill to become law

British PM Boris Johnson is expected to try for a second time on Monday to call a snap election. However, his efforts seem likely to be thwarted once more by opposition lawmakers who want to ensure he cannot take Britain out of the EU without a divorce agreement. On Monday, a bill is due to become law that would force him to seek a three-month extension to the Oct. 31 deadline.

Sapper82 8 months

OUT of this evil cult. We don’t want the islamisation of our countries. No deal, no more EUSSR, free peoples of Europe, push back of immigrants who give nothing and take everything- why should WE work longer hours more days of the week to give homes and money to people who hate us openly? The UN needs abolishing. My heritage is very important to me and my people- it gives us identity and that is vital for us as people.

bobby_5150 8 months

Boris should just ignore this new law the same way May ignored the will of the people for so long.

Tom Moon
Tom Moon 8 months

My good Lord, the UN tells you why, Replacement of the Europeans. Get the natives so worried about the planet they stop breeding whilst importing the new stock.

Lord Baktor
Lord Baktor 8 months

Leaving the EU must go against the designs of somebody very important and influential. The whole thing has more twists than an average anime plot.

Hannibal 8 months

And this is why the US executive has veto power.

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