Trump, John Legend and Chrissy Teigen tangle on Twitter

Trump, John Legend and Chrissy Teigen tangle on Twitter

A day after President Trump lashed out at celebrity couple John Legend and Chrissy Tiegen claiming they were ’taking the praise’ for the passage of the First Step Act, the duo hit back criticizing Trump. Legend mocked Trump for spending his Sunday night ’hate-watching MSNBC hoping somebody -- ANYBODY -- will praise you’. Tiegen tweeted saying it was ’an honor’ not to be tagged in his tweet.

Stal 7 months

Trump doesn't miss a chance to act like an overgrown child. So what if someone tweets taking credit. You're the darn president. And his baby ways seem to be increasing. Last time, cancels a meet with Denmark because they refused his offer to buy Greenland. Now this. "Someones taking away my credit". Why....

Mod Okay
Mod Okay 7 months

This is battle of the present days greatest minds....

Scorpio 7 months


Foofie Dumplings
Foofie Dumplings 7 months

Trump talks too much.

david dindu
david dindu 7 months


Kyle G
Kyle G 7 months

John Legend is definitely a beta male, his wife wears the pants. Grow a pair and tell your woman to shut her mouth John. What a nasty woman she is. How is that woman get away with talking like that anyway?

Liberty, Eh?
Liberty, Eh? 7 months

I really wish Trump would stop tweeting.

Girthquake 7 months

why is this a headline

DarkWarrior633 7 months

I forgot he even existed

Sir_Kutz 7 months

Who really cares.

John W
John W 7 months

yea as far as Twitter spats go, this is rather lame. Trump's point was a 5. response was a an embarrassing 1. "(L)ol what a p**** a** b****. tagged everyone but me. an honor, mister president," 

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