Trump denies knowing anything about the Air Force crews staying at his resort

Trump denies knowing anything about the Air Force crews staying at his resort

US President Donald Trump denied having any idea about US Air Force crews staying at the Turnberry resort in Scotland during refueling stops. Ethics questions were being raised because of the layovers regarding the government using the President’s private properties.

Akira Kevin
Akira Kevin 5 months

[insert cat chasing laser meme]

(Un)Fortunate Son
(Un)Fortunate Son 5 months

The media trying to connect two dots that have no correlation.

Larry 5 months

does the owner of any hotel chain knows who is staying in their hotels? Doubt it. Pretty sure Mr. Trump the resort owner doesn't either and President Trump is too busy to notice.

Binx1 5 months

hey. is saving taxpayers money? or are we being charged whatever it costs to staythere?

Marcus Rogers
Marcus Rogers 5 months

Pretty sure Trump is in the White House, not his hotel lobby booking people onto their rooms, and if the rooms are free, why care?

Foofie Dumplings
Foofie Dumplings 5 months

Oof, propping up his failing business with taxpayer money! Yikes! 😬

Antony Bennett
Antony Bennett 5 months

Didn't he sign everything over to junior just before his presidency to avoid any such "problems"?!

Got Truth
Got Truth 5 months

I’ll bet it’s some AF office personal’s, with TDS, lame attempt to set Trump up.

Frederic Lück
Frederic Lück 5 months

Men doesnt know about everyone of the people that check into any of his hotels world wide.Outrage

Mitchell 5 months

Man Trump looks like crap in this picture.

Miles O'Brien
Miles O'Brien 5 months

Trump says " I dindu nuffing".

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