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Britain’s House of Commons speaker announces he will quit

Britain’s House of Commons speaker announces he will quit

John Bercow, Britain’s House of Commons speaker has announced that he will quit soon. He played a key role in the three year Brexit crisis. Parliamentary rules were allegedly bent by the speaker so that the lawmakers could challenge government policy. This helped them to pass a law seeking to block a no deal exit from the European Union.

T.J. Brickey
T.J. Brickey 1 year

I say to the right honorable gentlemen, ORRRDDDAAAAA!!!

Dave 1 year

Once Brexit is finally over there needs to be an inquiry into Treason. Round up everyone who attempted to block Brexit and have them hung.

Rusty 1 year

Bye bye traitor

Justin 1 year

I recommend everyone watch the speech he gave and all the members of parliament thanking him for his time as the Speaker, it was really wholesome

F G 1 year

bye bye

Dips**t Don Lost
Dips**t Don Lost 1 year

The difference between American and Britain conservatives is that the British ones actually have a spine, standing up to insanity.

IIZard 1 year


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