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(Un)Fortunate Son 1 weeks
I fail to see how lighting yourself on fire is a good tactic of protest. Sure it gets people’s attention but it guarantees a one way trip to the ICU.
No Way 1 weeks
you know what they say, give me freedom or give me death. I never knew Iran barred women from going to stadiums, but know we all do
Kyle G 1 weeks
I guess for her its 'give me soccer or give me death'.
(Un)Fortunate Son 1 weeks
No Way you have to remember that different cultures hold different beliefs. I don’t like the way other countries treat women, men, babies, etc. but it’d be imperialism if they sought to change our nation or vice versa. The best thing feminists can do is go over there and protest on their behalf instead of protesting from their current hypocritical stance. Women born 10-20 years ago in the US have no idea what it means to be treated unequally. They have it better here than any other country in the world, granted it’s not perfect but they have literally no reason to point their finger and demand these nonsensical things of their employers and coworkers. It only damages the working relationship between men and women.