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bobby_5150 1 weeks
Vote harvesting=great for Democrats.

porcus 1 weeks
Funny how the MSM portrays the SCOTUS as "hard-right turn" instead of recognizing that it is the MSM and the Democrats who have made a hard-left turn. SCOTUS should rule in favor of the administration; an injunction is going too far and would cause more harm than good.

Mod Okay 1 weeks
Less places to vote=less people voting= good for Republicans.
Hannibal 1 weeks
Says the person who thinks voter ID checks are bad because minorities like me are too incompetent to acquire them... The party of "progressives" my ass.
Mod Okay 1 weeks
Haha an ID shouldnt be a requirement because some people do not have addresses or other circumstances that prohibit them from getting ID's like what happened in North Dakota with Tribal groups.... You can blame incompetency like every other conservative but its really Republican policies that are making it harder to vote because their voting block is inevitably shrinking.
Phil Scott 1 weeks
Voter ID is common sense, unless you have ulterior motives. Also, no ,a few people who you say "can't' get ID is not a reason to stop it.