America gets its first LGBT credit union

America gets its first LGBT credit union

Michigan on Monday approved the formation of Superbia Credit Union, the first ever not-for-profit lender dedicated for LGBT customers. According to the founder, the platform will offer products which are outside the scope of traditional lenders, including loans for transgender people in the process of transitioning. The buying power of the US LGBT adult population is estimated at $987 billion.

IvoryDove 5 months

So... First off.. "How can a credit union be 'gay'?" Secondly, If this is a credit union that serves LGBTP but not straight people, it's segregationist based on sexual preference and that's apparently illegal.

OttersGonnaOtt 5 months

It is federally illegal for any banking institution to discriminate for or against any protected class. This credit union may be approved neutrally, but the minute they put their goals into action they are going to be sued and likely have their certifications revoked. How was this a good idea? It's akin to thinking it's fine to open a public crack cocaine shop on the same corner as a police station. Yeah it's legal to declare and form the business, but the moment you actually do business as intended you are breaking the law.

Riley Smith
Riley Smith 5 months

because this is what we should be prioritizing right now. Not the soon to come recession, insane cost of living, collapsing hosing market, insane increase in homelessness, or the climate crisis. No. we need gay banks

Zak Byrd
Zak Byrd 5 months

There is nothing in these articles that speak of discrimination or exclusivity. These right wing commenters are so sensitive. This will probably be like any LGBT inclusive space, for everyone. As a straight man I would bank there to support a tolerant and inclusive community.

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