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John Doe 1 weeks
Alternate Headline: 23% of voters think civil rights are terroristic.
PhreneticNI 1 weeks
Natural* rights. Civil rights can't exist without a government.
seera 1 weeks
God given rights* A thing that only the government can recognise and not take away.
George Milligan 1 weeks
And with these rights come responsibilities, yet this is often overlooked

MEIJIN44 1 weeks
So 77% of all people have relatively good sense. Nice to know.

Dave 1 weeks
So they declared the NRA terrorists before Antifa?
Sir Dragon 1 weeks
No , Antifa are already domestic Terrorists the Bill from a while back was about making them international terrorists

David O'Doherty 1 weeks
23% of voters are f****** retarded
TheTrooper424 1 weeks
Where is this 23% number comibg from? The two articles I read didn't say anything about it
Edward Williams 1 weeks
@Trooper read the other 8

Prismarine 1 weeks
"Protect our kids" >Supports abortion
Scott 1 weeks
Fetuses aren't sentient. They are not kids.
Correspondent in Virginia 1 weeks
And yet bacteria on Mars is considered life
Free lead for commies 1 weeks
The correspondent is Virginia just destroyed you with logic, Scott.

Mister Manager 1 weeks
Why don't they move to countries where gun control is the policy, instead of trying (and failing) to overturn 2A?
SimonR 1 weeks
Because ideological subversion can only occur from the inside
Rusty 1 weeks
Plus, Antifa goons don't have jobs

Small town conspiracy 1776 1 weeks
We all (including myself) need to join Gun Owners of America! GOA truly believes in the constitution in saying there shall be no infringement on our 2nd amendment rights “shall not be infringed” means shall not be infringed period.
RJOHN 1 weeks
Amen to that. GOA is the real deal.
Ivory 1 weeks
The NRA worked with the California legislature to render certain weapons "illegal" while protecting others. It was strictly a "manufacturer's protection scheme" designed to minimize impact to the gun makers while taking away the rights of gun owners.
Battery Salad 1 weeks
You’re absolutely correct! I joined up earlier this year. The NRA has become a complete joke. GOA knows what’s up. Zero compromise with gun-grabbers.

SimonR 1 weeks
Good shit, NRA. Don't roll over for commies
George Milligan 1 weeks
Never have and never will...

Monster Mash 1 weeks
so they wouldn't win the vote then? ok nice spin msm.

Liberty Justice 1 weeks
Survey was taken online, I believe, with one thousand participants. The questions couldn't be more suggestive and I wonder which cities/states were involved? No more info given beyond that. *clicked "survey" on wash times article*

BJ 1 weeks
Dems created the KKK, Republicans created the NRA to fight the KKK. Now the Dems are killing millions of black unborn babies, and the Republicans/(conservative Republicans)are still fighting them. These 'enlightened ', 'open minded ', liberal moron SHEEP have the gall to call the NRA terrorists. If you happen to be a liberal leftist Democrat and you are reading this, next time you are in a library check out the History section.
The Oracle8191 1 weeks
Shhh, facts trigger them.
Lowlife 1 weeks
Inb4 “muh party switch”

Morbo 1 weeks
Well consider the city in question, human excrement and needles cover the streets due to the policies of these delutional idiots. An accusation from them holds about as much water as a bowel made from tissue paper.

OttersGonnaOtt 1 weeks
The NRA has a case here. As an officially recognized lobbying group their publications are protected by the First Amendment. San Fransisco's legal definition of the NRA as a terrorist group not only apparently happened to silence them, but legally it bans their publications outright as well as anyone that directly supports them, impinging individual citizen First Amendment rights. The First Amendment explicitly declares that no state power shall prevent the free speech of any party within its purview. San Fransisco is outright in the wrong. The NRA would need to traverse the line of calling others to action or committing action that is against the law before they can legally be defined as terrorists. Words are protected, not actions.

Marcus Rogers 1 weeks
Honestly isn't subverting the laws for a rogue state and going against the government more terrorism then anything the NRA has done?....I'm surprised they haven't locked up the officials in California as part of human rights violations, at this point it's basically a 3rd world state because if the Democrats.

(Un)Fortunate Son 1 weeks
Good. First amendment violations should not be taken lightly.

Property 1 weeks
California being fucking stupid, as usually

Kait P 1 weeks
Those arms tho 😍

RJOHN 1 weeks
I think the City of San Francisco is a domestic terrorist organization.

Unity.Nat 1 weeks
Would they prefer if everyone responsible was not with the NRA?

Katharine 1 weeks
How come no one is holding that gun?
Bubbles 1 weeks
How come? Gun safety and etiquette.