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Rhokanth 1 weeks
Unpopular opinion: You can only apologize for things that you are responsible for.

porcus 1 weeks
Was he responsible for the massacre? Did he participate in the massacre? If not, then why is he apologizing?
One Watchable 1 weeks
It is apologising because "god" demands every Human be slaughtered, and this "leader", known as an archbishop, is also saying that that "god" thing is polite, careful, gentle, beneficial, etc., but you don't need to use your eyes, ears, brain, etc. to be able to know that that is a load of shyte. See exposingchristianity dotcom A topic about the evils of xianity and related things - ancient-forums dotcom /viewtopic.php?f=3&t=17613 This one also answers that other commenter who was lolling at the fact that jewsus rapes Children in a worldwide mafia organisation, which that commenter, if they're a good little xian, pays money into to support the raping of Children worldwide.
porcus 1 weeks
Tom Moon 1 weeks
one Watchable, my 😅 was because that dude is a clown. Not an atack on Christianity.

Brandon Lee 1 weeks
I'll never understand why people will claim responsibility for shit they had nothing to do with or how others can expect someone to take responsibility for something they had no hand in. #Clownworld....

Tom Moon 1 weeks

Kramo 1 weeks
Apologizes for what? He wasn't even born.

Miles O'Brien 1 weeks
Maybe he was there.