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Fonky Munk 1 weeks
Trump threw some of his rally attendees out simply because they were holding up a sign of Trump with his arm around Epstein. You can say Bill Gates sounds like he’s covering his own ass here fine I don’t care. But don’t get defensive when people call Trump out for doing the same thing. You are either for free speech or you aren’t. You can’t suddenly pick and choose like an authoritarian rat. But sure... please go ahead and convince me that Trump is telling the truth and Bill Gates is lying. That doesn’t scream partisan hack at all.
Kable tha Kiid 1 weeks
Nobody is listening to you bro...
EnervatedSociety 1 weeks
Who the hell are you talking to? I don’t see anyone talking about Trump.
Chris Sproul 1 weeks
@Jake ironic you'd conment then, wouldn't you say?