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porcus 1 weeks
THIS IS TROLL GOLD! Bwahahahaha! There are times when the internet redeems itself to me, and this is one of those moments. Can't believe how narcissistic Tay-lor Smith must be to think this is about her.

porcus 1 weeks
Makes me think of the Carly Simon song, "You're so vain"

Larry 1 weeks
Can we sue Taylor for being a nazi not?

VaasDC 1 weeks
lol.... sueing cuz the name was tay, does her lawyer not advise her this isnt gonna work.

Adam Marceau 1 weeks
I miss tay the memes from that bot where comedy gold

DivineDawn 1 weeks
I'd of fought that bitch and then "accidentally" released the racist bot and claimed hackers got ahold of it lol just to really piss that narcissistic little attention whore off even more

Watheverable GRAMPS 1 weeks
This is some next level of Virtue signaling!