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Monster Mash 1 weeks
they are only embarrassed that they got caught.

Fishing 1 weeks

porcus 1 weeks
Funny how he is the only one going public with this "embarrassment".
Robert Talbot 1 weeks
What do you mean?
porcus 1 weeks
Any other wealthy Epstein associates come forward about being embarrassed? Most have just said that they had no idea what was going on.
Bellatrix 1 weeks
Wonder if he's getting the mansion in NYC and the island back now that Epstein dead? That should help with the embarrassment. Mind you, if he had enough to gift them in the first place, he might consider them an acceptable loss.

AD C 1 weeks
On one had they cut ties over a decade ago. On the other hand I feel the police should see if any Victoria secret models ended missing.

michael zubas 1 weeks
all those Expencivr ass Bra's And Panties helped Fuel A massive worldwide 1%er Pedo operation. Irony? or just plain Insanity?