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(Un)Fortunate Son 1 weeks
Damn neighbors with their fireworks.
Brandon Lee 1 weeks
Are you from Tx too?
(Un)Fortunate Son 1 weeks
Hell yeah brother!
Brandon Lee 1 weeks
woot woot

Zreak 1 weeks
This is kind of off topic for these articles but can someone from the left explain to me why the left is so anti Isreal? Even if you believe Isreal is the aggressor and is killing innocent Palestinians there are other people and countries in similar circumstances like the Tibetans that I never hear the left talk about. Why is there such a fixation on Israel?
Zak Thompson 1 weeks
Because the left hates Jews.
The Facts Provider 1 weeks
The right hates the Jews aswell. I guess everyone hates the Jooz.
Avi Khait 1 weeks
Not a leftie, although I've been one long ago. Briefly: 1. The Palestinian narrative was invented by the KGB: They employed leftist terminology, agitation and propaganda methods (see Pallywood), etc. Before that their cause embraced by Arab nationalism and Islamism (see Amin Al-Husseini). Now Pan-Arabism and the USSR are gone, but Islamism has found many friends on the left. 2. Israel represents the ultimate success of Capitalist West. Ironic since it started as a kind of a Socialist state, with a huge union, collective farms, etc. 3. Israel's victory in the 6-Day War was a turning point. The left thrives in misery and victimhood because it wants to be in charge of a nanny-state.