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porcus 1 weeks
I am shocked - SHOCKED - that Leftist ivy tower academics would try to kick out a Trump supporter! Say it ain't so!

Michael Tatom 1 weeks
The left has become my enemy since the election of President Trump.
The Gas Mask Man 1 weeks
yeah it's sad to see seeing as I was a Obama supporter at one time but honestly after all this shit I got the post breakup clarity where everything makes sense and you see them for all there flaws
Barry 1 weeks
see how the tactics of divide and conquer work. the Russians are winning
CoLpOeSnED 1 weeks
@Barry, because blind allegiance has worked so well before

Star Alien 1 weeks
Haha pretty desparate.
porcus 1 weeks
I agree. The Left is always desperate to remove anything and anyone who does not toe their line. Very authoritarian and undemocratic.
Star Alien 1 weeks
Well it seems to be working. Sucks for that guy

Christopher Radic 1 weeks
the Democratic socialist commie bastards will stop at nothing to do their smear campaign and to try to bury Christianity this is one of their tactics..

Mod Okay 1 weeks
Falwell is trash.
(Un)Fortunate Son 1 weeks
So are you, but we’re all entitled to our opinions. 🤡
porcus 1 weeks
Irrelevant to the attempt to boot him for his support for Trump.
Mod Okay 1 weeks
Son, really good turn around haha. Basically rehashing the third grader comeback of "so are you but what am I?" Really intellectually strong response. Porcus its relevant to call Falwell trash because he is not the victim and just wants special treatment because he feels oppressed which is hilarious that a man like that could possibly feel that way.

The Civic Nationalist 1 weeks
The one university that's not a Marxist subversive factory, and leftists can't stand it.

Daniel McEwen 1 weeks
I already thought the Dems were attempting a coup of the President. No matter the lack of evidence, they continue to try to remove him from office.

FirstCensorshipThenJail 1 weeks
Communists have got to commie. Just wait for the mass arrests and mass murder. Marx "If you have a bad idea make sure everyone else suffers from it, while you profit from it". Rage bait, mobs and money, by any means necessary for power then revenge.