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Watheverable GRAMPS 1 weeks
"How can we use this 12 year old's tragedy for our agenda?" - MSM

WWG1WGA 1 weeks
At least she is safe.

Carisa D 1 weeks
Blame it on all the migrants taking up all our resources on the border and abusing our system. This is on them. This is what happens when people cry “wolf”.

T.N. Morgan 1 weeks
We have rules and laws and procedures that must be followed when refugees or immigrants are admitted into the country for whatever reason. Those don't just get thrown out the window because someone was displaced by a hurricane. You think bad people won't take advantage of a natural disaster to traffic children in and out of the country? Gimme a break. 😒

Just An Opinion 1 weeks
Sorry to burst your bubble, but people bringing children into the country need to prove their relationship to keep the child, and dna is not an option in the case of godparents. If we didn't separate them, then every child trafficker will just claim to be a godparent. Would you rather some children being separated from their family for a short time while facts are ascertained? Or would you rather some children being traded as sex slaves, and likely murdered, suiciding, or growing up to be drugged up prostitutes? Yes it sucks for the kids that are separated from actual family, but I think it is a necessary evil in order to protect children from the slave trade.