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Christopher Stone 1 weeks
If Starship works then it could be a huge game changer in human spaceflight. Go SpaceX!
Idiot Prole 1 weeks
Why a game changer? Surely it would have to do something we can't already do? It'll probably bring down the cost of access to space which is a good and bad thing. Remember the shuttle was supposed to do that but the cost of refurbishment between flights made it more, not less expensive. The restoration of US manned flight capability is useful but it doesn't change anything more than not paying the Russians. Am I missing something or is this just the usual Musk hype machine?
Christopher Stone 1 weeks
The Space Shuttle was made more expensive by government red tape. Private spaceflight is much cheaper. Also the Space Shuttle was never designed to leave low Earth orbit. The Starship is supposed to be capable of interplanetary travel and can carry a huge payload (again if it does what Musk says it will be able to do). Put simply if Starship works as advertised it would surpass the capabilities of any other human rated spacecraft and that includes Apollo and Orion. Yes that is an IF and Musk is known to exaggerate but it's still very exciting.
Idiot Prole 1 weeks
Unfortunately, Musk has put himself in the position where people like me are extremely cynical about his claims. The Tesla truck for example is a giant myth which will never materialise. You just need to place the numbers he has given into a couple of equations and you'll see he's talking shite. It's a giant "need more investors" ploy and at some point he's gonna get put in prison for this kind of thing. SpaceX has delivered on a lot of its promises and so I will be very interested in this but, whilst it may go to the moon and the ship itself may be capable of going to Mars, I doubt it can take people there. As you say, it's definitely interesting but a lot of salt is required when it comes to Musk. He's excellent at marketing and driving investment by making grand claims which don't or can't happen.

Andrew 1010 1 weeks

Watheverable GRAMPS 1 weeks
Looks like a huge suppository.