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porcus 1 weeks
Sure, I am onboard with that. Iran going to set aside their terrorists?
Jesse Watson 1 weeks
Kinda hard when it’s a terrorist run country

King Kalifor 1 weeks
Well that's not a shock. A terrorist state doesn't want to discuss unless they get money to continue their nuclear program and terrorism.

Eric Newman (That Guy) 1 weeks
Iran is a thorn in the side. Never forget 9/11 and we're the "warmongers" 😂😂😂
Thunder Laus 1 weeks
Iran had nothing to do with 9/11. They are Shia Persians not Sunni Arabs like the terrorists e allies of USA, the Saudis. *Edited
Tin Ego 1 weeks
They are actually Shia Persians . The Saudi are the Sunni. Right correct ethnicity muddled sky fairy
Thunder Laus 1 weeks
@Tin indeed. You are right.

Voice of Reason 1 weeks
Nobody expects Iran to agree to talks, they need the US as a boogeyman to keep their population docile and obedient far more than they need to have good terms with the US. Iran never really stabilized after the failed Arab spring uprising and Tehran knows they're on thin ice. They'll continue to antagonize while playing the victim domestically.

daboi 1 weeks
Imagine thinking that Iran has any leverage in this situation

Daddy Tito 1 weeks
I don’t think Iran understands what sanctions are for.

Thunder Laus 1 weeks
^ warmongers calling out the warmongers.