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Mike Oliver 1 weeks
A mobile device that is user serviceable, dare I hope it is a truly open platform and not locked to an oligarchy of anti-consumer tech monoliths as well?
Ghost of a Dead Sperm 1 weeks
The phone in concept is amazing but the issue with these phones is that the tech is bad and outdated compared to other phones due to the humanitarian aspect of the phone. I wish these bigger companies made their products without human suffering. Hell Id pay more if I could get the future S11 and it had a conformation of being made humanitarianly.
Mike Oliver 1 weeks
@Dead sperm ghost, I believe it may have more to do with who controls the patent rights for the latest technology. When a handful of mega-corporations who answer primarily to their shareholders are the ones developing what's next technologically then they have the legal authority to determine who gets to use it, regardless of how their choices may impact the free exchange of technology within an open society and in turn the technological progress of Humanity itself.
Rocky 1 weeks
Close it still runs Android 9. So not exactly free of tech overlords.

VanityCulture_ 1 weeks
"repair nerds" I love it.

Christopher Radic 1 weeks
if this is an unlocked phone it would be absolutely perfect I'm going on YouTube to find out more about it but if it is it would be the ultimate cell phone to have. not to mention Fairer phone would sell a lot more of them unlocked hope they're using common sense with their sales pitches and the design of their phone..

Jason J Mitchell 1 weeks

FirstCensorshipThenJail 1 weeks
Can you replace the OS to open source to remove the google spyware?