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Mike McWay 1 weeks
Johnson didnt DECIDE to do anything. He made a recommendation to the Queen, and SHE decided to shut it down - and since her decisions are beyond reproach by the legal system (she could literally murder someone and nothing could be done,) the courts have no say in this. christ, I'm American, and even I know how this works.
NotACerealKiller 1 weeks
The parliamentarians aren't attacking the decision to suspend Parliament. They're attacking the right of Boris to recommend suspending parliament to the Queen. Which would be grounds for kicking Boris out.
Voice of Reason 1 weeks
That's amazingly disingenuous, yes the queen ultimately made the decision but the queens assent amounts to a rubber stamp at this point. She approves pretty much everything put in front of her and it would be a massive breach of protocol and tradition for her to disregard the PMs advice. So claiming that it was her decision and therefore above review or scrutiny is nonsense.
Pryotra 1 weeks
Are you suggesting that Scotland can dictate who and what can be spoken around the queen?