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Andrew 1010 1 weeks
Tulsi should be there instead of fucking Beto or Klobuchar.

porcus 1 weeks
Haha! The DNC shafts its voter base in the back again, and I guarantee that they will push forward some Far Leftist nut instead of someone that is at all viable.

Watheverable GRAMPS 1 weeks
Let the free shit Olympics begin! Orange man bad!

Imperial German 1 weeks
Were's Tolsi you twats! She deserves to be up there.

porcus 1 weeks
Story summary is utter BS now - nothing to do with the linked articles.
porcus 1 weeks
I fixed it. >:D

Andraste ! 1 weeks
That's because they figured out it's easier to pay the fine for not having insurance or I should say cheaper then it is to actually have insurance.
ffcSquall 1 weeks
Except Trump already nixed the tax that people had to pay if they weren't on Obamacare. Though to be fair, it hasn't been that long (about a year, I think) since he did it.

JMMA-Z 1 weeks
well since Obamacare was never repealed it shows that in fact Obamacare is destroying healthcare in the country just as most sane people predicted. thus proving that it should be repealed. just proof of the fact!

Fonky Munk 1 weeks
I’m glad Tulsi’s out. She was polling at like 1% and that was before her awful appearance on Rave Dubin. If you let someone as dull as Rubin bait you into posturing for the alt-light then you have no business leading the country. Get fucked Gabbard.
Daddy Tito 1 weeks
Aw, scared she’s gonna actually tell the truth again? Don’t worry. Your Democratic Party will go right back the way you want it. Endless pandering and grandstanding.
James Kerwin 1 weeks
@munk lemme guess Bernie Bro, or are you more for Creepy Uncle Joe?
EpochPrime 1 weeks
Posturing alt-right positions? ok. We found the nut case people.

porcus 1 weeks
I need to watch this; I want to hear them argue again for the funding of transgender women's abortions... male-> "female" abortions... almost as crazy as when Beto, Booker, and Castro all started answering questions in Spanish. I want to see if they are going to go into any specifics for their pie-in-the-sky-by-and-by plans.

Adam Marceau 1 weeks
they even started in court over the burnout thing that they have no need to be neutral because they are a private corporation

John Wilson 1 weeks
if the DNC needs to fill Tulsi's place maybe they can put John Bolton in a dress. I'm sure that will be more acceptable to them.