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porcus 1 weeks
Wait, are the MSM actually arguing that Bolton should have been KEPT? Such hypocrites.

Chrono Loop 1 weeks
So what? Cabinet positions are just made up jobs to help the president as he sees fit. If he wanted, Trump could eliminate every single cabinet position and always do whatever he decided for whatever falls under his purview as President of the US

Watheverable GRAMPS 1 weeks
Bye Felicia

porcus 1 weeks
More good news!

Jay Walsh 1 weeks
FFS, he just fired him yesterday!

Miles O'Brien 1 weeks
Another " acting" yes man enters the revolving cabinet door.
bobby_5150 1 weeks
For only picked "yes" men, there sure seems to be a lot of disagreement going on. Or maybe, you just have your head up your ass again.

Jimmy P 1 weeks
whyvwould they hire him in the first place. we all know what the boltons did the starks.

IDWFTW 1 weeks
That’s what happens when someone leaves their leaves a is this news? What are they going to say next, “Trump walked out of the Oval Office which now means we have no President in the Oval Office!!!11!1!1!1!1”