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porcus 1 weeks
Giant waste of time, money, and most importantly lost opportunities to do something that actually matters and makes things better.

Novenate 1 weeks
I have no faith in my government. I want to leave and start new.
porcus 1 weeks
Right? I want 4 branches of government - the 3 the US currently has plus a fourth one composed of cranky old people whose sole responsibility is to delete laws. That way we have a branch creating laws, a branch to execute those laws, a branch to determine whether it IS a law, and a new branch to prune away the cruft.

porcus 1 weeks
I had to take a closer look at the photo linked to the summary - thought it was a bunch of women giving Nadler a piece of their minds for his government mismanagement.

Mister Manager 1 weeks
Have these people never heard of the "boy who cried 'wolf' ?"