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PhreneticNI 1 weeks
We also need the right amount a gravity, a decent day/night cycle, and a magnetic field strong enough to keep out cosmic radiation and solar winds to survive, though.
Talon One 1 weeks
We. yes. Other lifeforms don't. Life on earth can be found in the most unlikely places. Primitive mostly, but still life.
Daniel McEwen 1 weeks
We only know what's right for life on our planet, and even that doesn't account for life in the depths of the ocean or that only exist around volcanos. There might be different kinds of life we can't yet understand.
Andrew 1010 1 weeks
Life in it's most fundamental term would not have to be required to have these features that mammals, and reptiles do. It's still not at all definitive what factors must be required to produce scentient life in the scope of our own Galaxy let alone the Universe.

Terry carling 1 weeks
That's so cool, imagine the possibilities

Test Steam 1 weeks
Lookup "the privileged planet" on YouTube then see if this article is even news worthy. Here
Daniel McEwen 1 weeks
Not usually one to say this, but your sky daddy never did line up with actual science. I bet you think the Earth is flat and we never went to the moon.
Test Steam 5 days
@Daniel, the point of the video wasn't to talk about religion but to show just how unique the conditions need to be. Your subsequent jab just shows you the science went over your head and you are blinded by hate for a God you don't even believe in. My NASA experience started 25 years ago, been in actual comms with astronauts as they were in orbit so slow down on the assumptions there bud.
Daniel McEwen Yesterday
Oh, you poor, misguided people. Still under the delusion that people who have no belief in a being hate said bring. It's like saying I hate unicorns because I don't believe they exist.