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Dust Phoxner 1 weeks
I disagree immensely with Trump on this you shouldn't be letting your wife dictate how you handle politics and legislation what a lot of Boomers don't realize is that they think that these flavored cartridges are mainly marketed to kids but they fail to realize there is a whole group of adults that are basically adult kids that like flavored shit they're called millennials.

yee haw 1 weeks
e-cigs but not normal cigs? hmmmmm
Chris Sproul 1 weeks
Big tobacco would let that happen
Mr. Melons 1 weeks
it's only a ban on the flavors themselves. Flavored cigarettes are already banned

porcus 1 weeks
I have already stated my opposition to this sort of heavy-handed trampling of liberty; for crying out loud, let the facts be determined in the deaths before leaping to a decision.