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Disneyland’s Snow White ride slammed for lack of consent in kiss scene

Disneyland’s Snow White ride slammed for lack of consent in kiss scene

Disneyland’s latest update to its Snow White attraction is receiving a backlash. The ’true love’s kiss’ grand finale between Snow White and her prince is the part which is drawing scrutiny. San Francisco Gate noted that the kiss ’cannot possibly be true love if only one person knows it’s happening.’ ’Haven’t we already agreed that consent in early Disney movies is a major issue?’ the author noted.

Hollowhammer 1 weeks

I wonder when/if the normal rational people will finally take the asylum back from the loonies? You would think something like this would be the catalyst.

Robert Palmer
Robert Palmer 1 weeks

When will they complain about women being called bitches and hoes in rap music?

Susan 1 weeks

This is the stupidest thing I have ever heard. It's a fairytale. Not real life. It is supposed to end happily ever after. Society's rules don't apply. If they have to do politically correct, then go back to the original fairytale. In the tales by the Brothers Grimm, the prince falls in love with Snow White in her crystsl coffin and plan to take her (still in the crystal coffin) back to his kingdom. As they ate transporting her the coffin is dropped or the wagon hits a rut and she is jostled enough that the piece of apple 🍎 is jokted out of her and she wakes up. Falls instantly in love with the prince and gets her HEA. Disney changed it to the kiss to awaken her alá Sleeping Beauty.

MIDESSA 1 weeks

There are people that are so twisted inside all they can do is find things to complain about. I just let them rant, point out the rediculasness of said rant then ignore said rant. Especially one as silly as this that noone will take seriously.

coughdrop1989 1 weeks

Its a füçkìñg fairy tale for crying out loud, a work of fiction which means its fake. If you have to differentiate between cartoons and reality to your children then you have bigger problems in the home then worrying about disney films. Good Lord these people need actual medical help.

Sigfried 1 weeks

Imagine waking up knowing that you were put under a magical spell which only true love's kiss could break only for a bunch of id1ots around you to start complaining about consent.

Paschal 1 weeks

Kind of hard to give consent when you're in a coma.

Rocket 1 weeks

The "woke" CLOWNS are at it again! 😂😂😂😂 Well, since it is Disney, they deserve the same garbage 'hey've been forcing on others...a form of cannibalism. 🤦

Ryan 1 weeks

This is the teeniest, tiniest tip of the iceberg that is Disney. I could honestly care less about the non-consensual kiss but the reality is that Disney characters and child stars have been used as a tool to sexualize and dumb down children for decades. Miley Cyrus, anyone? Even themes in classics like “The Little Mermaid” and fallic representation found therein. People wonder why each generation is more degenerate than the last without stopping to question their own rose-colored lens through which they view childhood favorites like Disney. Check out the web Disney has created over the entire world and the minds of men. They own nearly all of the media outlets- and it doesn’t stop there. It’s brainwashing children and adults alike, and the real sad part is that so-called moral and religious parents and leader still are pushing this crap down their children’s throats.

Max 1 weeks

I don't care if the story is old, the update to the ride was recent, and nowadays we know that consent is NOT OPTIONAL and RAPE IS BAD. How are there people in the comments defending this. I'm not saying to never watch Snow White again, just that modern adaptations shouldn't LITERALLY BE ROMANTICIZING RAPE.

Matt H.
Matt H. 1 weeks

If you keep getting upset about this culture war stuff ("Left and "Right"), you're falling into the hands of the elite. Plain and simple.

themdg 1 weeks

Enough of that. Move on. Stop giving credence to this hogwash and these hogwashers. The number of people that care about this rounds nicely to zero.

John 1 weeks

Can't leftists just let us have some nice wholesome things? Not everything is an attack you insecure pansies.

josh 1 weeks

So they have a problem with the ride and not the cartoon? Do they not realize it is exactly the same thing, and a fictional story? Complaining about this BS is just as bad as complaining about a toy potatoe’s gender, or a company deciding to stop selling some kids books. Both sides need to stop. It looks just as cartoonish when the left complains about this sort of crap as when the right does. Our country as a whole has collectively lost our effing minds.

J.C. 1 weeks

WTF? This world is going insane!

Guillermo 1 weeks

I would rebuttal the original article thusly. It is being misrepresented that Snow White is asleep when she is kissed without consent. That however is an inaccurate description of the scenario, which is being misrepresented in order to advance an agenda. Snow White is in a comatose state after having been intentionally poisoned. The "kiss" in question is actually the delivery system for the only known antidote. I would propose that this scene is no different than a first responder performing CPR on an unconscious individual... Now granted, there are some individuals who would still argue that letting someone die is preferable, and they are free to make that personal decision for themselves and aquire a DNR pendent to let everyone know to just sit there and watch you die. Although personally, if you are such a bitter individual that you see this and see assault, I would not wish you harm, but I can't picture inconveniencing myself coming to your aid either.

edwin 1 weeks

Well, let's update the story then and make it more 'presidential in honor of the first family. Make the prince her potion addicted uncle and swap the kiss scene for a scene of them in the shower together. That outta work for 'progressive' America...

Sarah 1 weeks

She knows he is her true love if ppl watch the movie... she even sings about her prince will find her. Lol

Morgan 1 weeks

Nobody gonna mention the 7 dwarves that followed her around? I think that dude sleepy was just putting on a front.

solodolo 1 weeks

Proof that not even a "man of your dreams" prince can please a woman. Wrap it up boys, we fought well.

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