Spotify using location data to curb family plan abuse

Spotify using location data to curb family plan abuse

In an attempt to curb abuse of its family plan, Spotify is now requiring that users occasionally provide access to their location data. Spotify’s Premium Family plan at $15 per month allows up to six users to access the service. Revised terms and conditions for the family plan now says that users will be required to provide location ’from time to time’.

CoLpOeSnED 6 months

and if I'm just travelling? dont ruin spotify please, you already took away the widget

PhreneticNI 6 months

Use a VPN lol

IIZard 6 months

DRM, The poison of every online platform.

Christian Wagner
Christian Wagner 6 months

And if my family lives in different places, it’s not a family any more for Spotify?

.       .
. . 6 months

Fuck Spotify

Barry 6 months

where you work? i wanna come there and steal stuff

Sir_Kutz 6 months

Either offer a family plan, or don’t. But excuses for data mining....

xander Xj1
xander Xj1 6 months

whelp looks like it's time to sail the high seas.

.       .
. . 6 months

Just pirate your music and have digital copies

Ray Love
Ray Love 6 months

This is completely stupid. Are they that incompetent to think all families live in the same house? I'm glad I don't pay for their crap, and never will.

Tim 6 months

Because members of the same family came live apart?

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