Federal appeals court revives ethics lawsuit against Trump

Federal appeals court revives ethics lawsuit against Trump

An ethics lawsuit against President Donald Trump was revived on Friday by a federal appeals court. The lawsuits argues that the President’s business interests represent conflicts of interest, they violate the constitution of the US. It is being claimed that the numerous and secretive business interests of the President violate the Emoluments Clause.

Adam Marceau
Adam Marceau 6 months

this is ridiculous the airforce started using trumps Scotland resort under the Obama administration... is the next conspiracy that Obama was working with the Russians to get trump elected...

Fernando 6 months

What would be the actions from a ruling? Do you prevent any foreign official from staying at any Trump branded place?

Hannibal 6 months

Obama left office with a fortune ten times the one he started with. Zero investigation, zero pundits whining about it.

porcus 6 months

I am fine with other hospitality related businesses bringing this lawsuit forward; it's reasonable.

Sir_Kutz 6 months

Remember the Bush years and the war for profit? I sure do.

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