DOJ files brief arguing against House impeachment probe

DOJ files brief arguing against House impeachment probe

The DOJ argued Friday that a federal court should reject the House Judiciary Committee’s efforts to obtain evidence and testimony from special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation. The DOJ noted conflicting language used by House Democrats as to whether the Judiciary Committee’s probe into obstruction of justice amounted to an impeachment investigation.

Paul C
Paul C 5 months

Haven't read the stories, but obviously dipshits like Nadler would leak all kinds of information to mainly mess up people's lives and make it look like they were 'investigating' something. Duh...

porcus 5 months

More circus proceedings from the clowns in the Democratic party. Pretty clear that they intend to re-prosecute Trump allies and staff in the Grand Jury proceedings.

SimonR 5 months

I know where the evidence against Trump lives, the names of the grand jury! - literally dems

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