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Wi-Fi 6 officially launched

Wi-Fi 6 officially launched

The Wi-Fi Alliance announced Monday the official launch of the Wi-Fi Certified 6 certification program. The program comes with the promise of higher wireless speeds, reduced latency, improved battery life, and less network congestion. Wi-Fi 6 will also be referred to as 802.11ax and is the successor to Wi-Fi 5, boasting four-times the capacity of its predecessor.

Ritesh 1 year

And tomorrow we'll probably hear about some hackers finding a new vulnerability.

IvoryDove 1 year

This is a hardware standard. The article a little bit misleading because it suggests going to 1024 QAM automatically increases the number of bits/baud, but it doesn't make noise immunity easier. Typically, as the speed goes up, Forward Error Correction will be required at higher levels of efficiency and latency. Actual throughput will be bound by SNR. Expect this standard to be used in high traffic commercial locations for years to come while most of the world is still using 802.11abgn

Andrew 1010
Andrew 1010 1 year

Hooray more chances for exploits!

porcus 1 year

This is a hardware certification for hardware providers like phones, routers, switches, and the like. You will not see any benefit on your home devices and this won't affect anyone until you buy the new hardware; and even then you will only notice it - maybe - when on a busy airport wifi.

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