Electric car owners to ’choose’ engine sounds

Electric car owners to ’choose’ engine sounds

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has proposed permitting automakers to offer a variety of sound choices to choose from to alert pedestrians for EV’s and other ’quiet cars’. Vehicles must generate the noise when travelling at less than 30 kph. The regulator says these cars are so quiet at low speeds that they pose a danger to ’blind and sighted pedestrians, as well as bicyclists’.

.                    Reno
. Reno 5 months

Mine's gonna be a trombone.

Phire Wuffie
Phire Wuffie 5 months

I want my car to sound like a tie fighter.

michael zubas
michael zubas 5 months

LOL! customizable Engine Noizes, hwre we come.

Datzik Legendz
Datzik Legendz 5 months

here we go. gonna have fuckin fartcans in teslas now

MEIJIN44 5 months

Let's not be savages. Four options. Nyan cat (looped). Circle of Life (at loudest possible volume). I will Always Love You (Whitney Houston Version) on full blast during the last loud part of the song. Pornhub intro (looped). Let's deafen everyone with these bastards so not one can say they didn't hear them coming.

America 5 months

Ah first world problems.

America 5 months

Can I have mine sound like pumpkin spice pweeeese!

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