Mexican experts piece together 41 bodies found in well

Mexican experts piece together 41 bodies found in well

Authorities in Mexico have found 41 bodies, packed in more than a hundred plastic bags, dumped in a clandestine grave in the state of Jalisco. Examiners said tests were continuing on the contents of 119 plastic bags dumped in a well near the city of Guadalajara. Authorities have not yet said whether the mass grave was related to cartel violence.

porcus 5 months

Welp, I think we can rule out this being the work of a gang of school kids... if only there were another lead on which other gang could have committed this...

Coeus 5 months

Dr. Frankenstein, disturbed by the potential exposure, "Ygor; must be more careful. Fritz take your place. You go Mexico. Hide body part, okay? No shallow grave. Blame MS13. Ygor, be good for master. MS13 come, you kill them, okay? Don't let them piece bodies together."

david phillips
david phillips 5 months

Maybe the local hospital was looking to save a little money on disposing of removed body parts. A well is as good as a landfill. Just a thought.

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