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Juror in Chauvin trial defends participation in Washington protest

Juror in Chauvin trial defends participation in Washington protest

One of the jurors who convicted Derek Chauvin has defended his participation in a protest last summer in Washington, DC. A photo, posted on social media, shows Brandon Mitchell attending the Aug 28 event to commemorate Martin Luther King Jr’s I Have a Dream’speech. Mitchell is seen wearing a T-shirt with the words, ’GET YOUR KNEE OFF OUR NECKS’ and ’BLM.’

Sergio 1 weeks

Imagine tainting a jury.

Daniel 1 weeks

This case is primed for a mistrial. While this clown’s opinion is as valid as anyone elses’s, I think any objective observer can see the conflict here. Retrial eminent

Kurt 1 weeks

Our judicial system would definitely move a lot faster if we just always selected jurors who already know their verdict decision before the trial starts.

Ryan 1 weeks

I would be curious if he lied on any of the questions asked during jury selection because that seems like an obvious question that the defense would ask.

The Oracle8191
The Oracle8191 1 weeks

So basically he lied on his questionnaire. Good to know. Anyhoo, Chauvin's lawyer has already filed a motion for a new trial.

NeilT 1 weeks

Tainted media = tainted jury = tainted verdict.

Gary Bea
Gary Bea 1 weeks

If you know you're not going to get a fair trial then you might as well fight to the death.

Sigfried 1 weeks

There is a stunning amount of Chauvin-haters in the comments defending the same juror bias and witness tampering that got black men lynched in the south. I thought you guys hated white supremes, so why adopt their tactics and become just as bad if not worse? Oh, right. My logic and consistency is my "white privilege" which makes me "an unfeeling hateful nazi racist who defends racist cops". Makes about as much sense as the ATF's firearm classifications.

Jon 1 weeks

Let's see him defend himself against the Felony Purgery charge.

Rex 1 weeks

So much for "impartial " jury members. Nice vetting process.

Sasu 1 weeks

Thanks to this Juror, he will let Chauvin go free.

Jon 1 weeks

Nice to see the American justice system is working well.

Tristan 1 weeks

I didn't know being pro civil rights was so controversial.

bhp 1 weeks

Lol all for nothing. The verdict will be repealed and will be overturned due to idiots like crazy Maxine and this yahoo. Smh

FineNobody 1 weeks

Lol and apparently I was “wrong” jurors weren’t already influenced

Gerardo 1 weeks

Chauvin pfffff

Nicholas 1 weeks

Is this perjury?

Randy 1 weeks

If this isn't a mistrial, it is certainly going to be reversed on appeal. All three counts.

Shmule 1 weeks

Did he disclose the information before jury selection? Bias is a disqualifier. Doesn't matter what sort of bias.

Blind 1 weeks

So you could say that his decision was probably made up before walking into the jury box...

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