Apple’s iPhone 11 sees subdued reception as it hits stores in China

Apple’s iPhone 11 sees subdued reception as it hits stores in China

Apple’s latest iPhone 11 range hit stores in China on Friday, with shorter queues than have been witnessed in previous product launches. Queues at the Shanghai and Beijing stores, which combined added up to few dozen customers, were in sharp contrast to previous years.

Frederic Lück
Frederic Lück 6 months

the chinese already have enough cameras around them.They dont need 3 more

al 6 months


Hannibal 6 months

I'm sure that social credit score would take a hit if they showed their faces.

IIZard 6 months

Finally the dead horse is dead

.       .
. . 6 months

Lies, both bj and sh stores were lined up with hundreds of people and an average of 1 hour wait to get a phone. This is all just propaganda to try to force 5g down everyone's throat. I'd rather have nsa intel standards than ccp Huawei spycrap that monitors your blood and organs.

Arcamean 6 months

Duh, in China buying non Chinese products lowers your social credit score. Social credit determines a huge range of things from how high you can climb the government to what public transports you can use to loan and more.

Emmanuel Pagan
Emmanuel Pagan 6 months

They’ve got Huawei what’s the surprise

Katharine 6 months

what color is your shirt retard

Steven 6 months

HA fuck you Apple

Michael Tatom
Michael Tatom 6 months

Way, way too expensive with little new features. BFD

Michael Tatom
Michael Tatom 6 months

What big new feature does it offer?

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