Trump announces sanctions on Iran’s national bank

Trump announces sanctions on Iran’s national bank

Announcing the ’highest sanctions ever imposed on a country’, President Donald Trump on Friday said that he was imposing sanctions on Iran’s national bank. The announcement was made at an Oval Office meeting, in the presence of Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison.

Phil Scott
Phil Scott 4 months

"Ohhh , what a warmonger" Say the numpties 😀.

America 4 months

@Miles What do you suggest?

Evolved 4 months

I agree with this strategy

Miles O'Brien
Miles O'Brien 4 months

Yup. Those sanctions are driving Iran to peace.

Brandon Spears
Brandon Spears 4 months

Can someone tell me why when the Houthi rebels in Yemen actually claimed the attack on Saudi Arabia, why in the hell did we just sanction Iran as a response...?

Indo 4 months

This kind of world politics is really getting outdated and nuisansical. Sanctions do not hurt a country it only hurts it's common people. This nastiness has to be given a serious rethink.

Star Alien
Star Alien 4 months

Theres your peaceful president.

Scott 4 months

We're talking about an Islamic State on the verge of acquiring nuclear weapons. I say we nuke them til they glow then shoot them in the dark, before they decide to sacrifice the world for the sake of their religion and their imaginary afterlife.

Michael Tatom
Michael Tatom 4 months

Sanctions take time but they work. This shit hole of a country will come around eventually.

Christopher Radic
Christopher Radic 4 months

Trump needs to respond militarily for instance the oil tanker that the Iranian stoled he should order a attack submarine to hit it with to tomahawk anti-ship missiles that'll put in their place..

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