South Carolina shooting leaves 2 dead, 8 hurt

South Carolina shooting leaves 2 dead, 8 hurt

Authorities have said a shooting at a bar in South Carolina left two people dead and eight injured. It is not known if more than one person fired a weapon. The shooting occurred when a large crowd was at the bar. Further details are awaited.

Stal 6 months

What an insane country. One shooting in Europe once a year and people are happy to jump to point out what "a rot Europe is becoming". What about this? There's a shooting every darn day in the US. Just look through the headlines within the news here itself - its only crime. Insane

Rachel 6 months

I am curious as to why nothing is being said about the victims. is it because their skin is the wrong color?

Wearentimmunetopropoganda 6 months

Weak minded people commit murder. Those who give into a compulsion for violence. They can’t talk or express themselves without a gun or a knife. Who has a compulsion to resist violence? Who is strong enough to fight against their own rage? The weakness of people these days is sickening.

Dave 6 months

You live in the USA, with access to millions of guns of all types and you could only get 2 kills? A 4 year old could do better than that by accident.

Fred Hamilton
Fred Hamilton 6 months

South Carolina is a very productive gun state. They vote for laws that allows this stuff to happen. It happens because they want it. So why bother reporting on it like it's news ? This is the obvious outcome of guns for all. .

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