Google wins landmark right to be forgotten case

Google wins landmark right to be forgotten case

EU’s top court has ruled that Google does not have to apply the ’right to be forgotten’ case globally. The ruling centres on a dispute with the French privacy watchdog, which in 2015 told Google to delist information from search results globally upon request. The ruling means that when Google receives a request it needs only to remove references to material from its search results in Europe.

AD C 4 months

So VPN's can be used to get around the right to be forgotten if the info exist outside Europe?

Steven Cline
Steven Cline 4 months

Wow, I didn't think that the communis.... European Union would rule that the law was limited to EU territory.

Tsila Noitan (Backer)
Tsila Noitan (Backer) 4 months

the fact that Google doesn't voluntarily honor this policy shows how genuinely evil they've become

Son Of Shaw
Son Of Shaw 4 months

Easier to make things disappear. Truth to be forgotten. Not just your search history.

Deadly104 4 months

Wow don’t think anyone should have the power to alter any else’s search results. That fucking terrifying think of all the abuse of power the can just remove for googles searches.

Tsila Noitan (Backer)
Tsila Noitan (Backer) 4 months

EU politicians are idiots

FirstCensorshipThenJail 4 months

Socalist media publishers, run by communists, funded by Oil Kingdoms, all for the benefit of the Chinese Communist Party. Corrupting the Market research data with grievance studies fiction and debunked Marxist theory filters. Costing American business billions. Costing the United States economy trillions.  Costing Western workers their jobs, their homes their communities. They don't do anything for the public good; Ever!

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