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Michelin guide sued by French Chef Marc Veyrat

Michelin guide sued by French Chef Marc Veyrat

The Michelin Guide has been sued by celebrity French Chef Marc Veyrat. Michelin Guide inspectors stripped the Chefs restaurant, La Maison des Bois, off its third star after their evaluation of a cheese soufflé. The chef believes that the evaluation has been botched, with him claiming the inspectors mistook saffron with English cheddar cheese.

L C 1 year

imagine living such a pretentious life that cheddar cheese has the potential to ruin your career

America 1 year

For those who dont know this has nothing to due with the photo attached to the story. Michelin tires couldn't be a more opposite to the Michelin guide for chefs.

MrVairhein 1 year

"This feta be gouda!"

Sir_Kutz 1 year


not the 1%
not the 1% 1 year

Yeah, my wife complained I overcooked the fish too

CoLpOeSnED 1 year

So wtf is a tire company doing rating food anyways??

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