DNI refuses to say whether he talked to Trump about whistle-blower complaint

DNI refuses to say whether he talked to Trump about whistle-blower complaint

Joseph Maguire, the Acting Director of National Intelligence claimed that he had done everything as per law as he reviewed a complaint by an intelligence community whistle-blower. The acting DNI refused to divulge details about whether or not he talked to President Trump about the whistle-blower complaint that dealt with Trump’s phone call with the Ukrainian President.

Miles O'Brien
Miles O'Brien 4 months

Any conversation the DNI has with the president is subject to executive privilege. Period.

Nuclear Jellyfish
Nuclear Jellyfish 4 months

The latest fabricated narrative

porcus 4 months

Several issues here: 1: Whistleblower law is supposed to regulate issues within the intelligence agencies - operations, expenses, employees, etc. NOT the head of the Executive Branch. 2: The whistleblower allegations (to be polite) amount to a conflict between Constitutional division of powers and a lower law passed by Congress. 3: There's a lot of drama in this testimony but no malfeasance, either on the part of the DNI or the White House. For #1, the whistleblower laws really shouldn't apply here. It's really an alleged crime of political mud-raking. The Democrats are trying really hard to make it look like it's about corruption or something like that, but there's zero evidence for it. For#2, Congress will probably lose should this go to the SCOTUS. Just a guess, as otherwise it would result in Congress being able to change the division of powers amongst the branches of government without a constitutional amendment - which is a ridiculous amount of power to have.

GUYIVKS 4 months

since when is repeating third hand gossip the making of a whistleblower?

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