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House committees subpoena Pompeo for Ukraine documents

House committees subpoena Pompeo for Ukraine documents

The House of Representatives committee issued a subpoena on Friday for Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, seeking to compel him to hand over documents concerning contact with the Ukrainian government. This came alongside the House Foreign Affairs’ Intelligence and Oversight Committees scheduling depositions for five State Department officials over the next two weeks.

porcus 1 year

Full drama mode! This is going to end very badly for Schiff and the Democrats. The alleged cover-up of activities is going to finally finish off the last 3 years of lunacy from the Left. And kill off the Democrats as a party for years to come.

not the 1%
not the 1% 1 year

Plz hand over Obama era communiques— what they knew about Biden’s sons investigation—- Then the next guy can hand over everything pertaining to Guiado If only he had the courage.....

MF 1 year

I think the White House should tell them to screw off and request that they impeach the president for obstruction the impeachment probe immediately and claim executive privilege on all of it and prohibit any and all cooperation with this and let it die in the senate without giving them what they really want which is the spectacle. That’s the best and only way to answer this matter.

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