North Korean launched midrange missile: Yonhap

North Korean launched midrange missile: Yonhap

North Korea had launched a submarine-launched ballistic missile off eastern coast, South Korea’s military told local media Yonhap. The launch is North’s ninth round of weapons of tests since late July and came just hours after U.S. and North Korean officials said negotiations would resume next week. A U.S. official said it was a land-based test of midrange submarine launched ballistic missile.

porcus 4 months

Can't help but notice that NK keeps antagonizing the one nation that cannot have a military presence outside of their territory. Almost like it's totally calculated. I wonder what NK will do if Japan ever amends their constitution to remove that limitation?

The Facts Provider
The Facts Provider 4 months


Indo 4 months

Now what could that possibly mean ? Anyone got a better idea than the same old same old story ?

Paul Saxon
Paul Saxon 4 months

I bet they're going to try and get us with an emp.

william 4 months

I had a very fantastic conversation with the supreme leader. we talked about alot of things. North Korea has a lot of potential. but we'll have wait and see.

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