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Asian woman attacked by a black woman with a hammer in NYC for wearing a mask

Asian woman attacked by a black woman with a hammer in NYC for wearing a mask

An Asian woman in NYC was attacked in the head with a hammer by a black woman who demanded the victim remove her mask. NYPD’s Hate Crimes Task Force is investigating the assault. No arrest has been made. Police released surveillance video that showed the moment a black woman appeared to accost two Asian women, demanding that they remove their masks before striking one of them.

Got Truth
Got Truth 1 weeks

There is a recurring evidence that proves again and again, racists come in all colors of skin. The notion that racism is a white skinned problem is a flat out lie by the MSM and the Decocratic party.

C 1 weeks

Shhhh don't mention that this is a black person being the aggressor.. again.. that's 4 blacks hurting asians and no whites. No Hispanics.. no Indians... where is this racist thing that involves white people hurting minority people?

Ryan Taylor
Ryan Taylor 1 weeks

More white supremacy I see. But seriously, this is awful. Why do we keep pretending you can keep savages in the middle of modern society?

Indo 1 weeks

What is with these people!? To not wear or not is an individual's choice. Its the democratic way. Being forced to choose is silly. And with a weapon is really inane.

david dindu
david dindu 1 weeks

Didnt the dems pass some anti asian hate crime law? Time to enforce it

Joey 1 weeks

its really strange how alot of these white supremacist attacks are by black people.

JustMy.02 1 weeks

This crime is going to be just too easy to solve. We’re looking for a female black, white supremacist, carpenter carrying a hammer. You’re welcome 😉

John 1 weeks

It continues to annoy me that the only time the race of the attacker is not mentioned in the headline is when they're black. Either do it every time or preferably stop all together. It's literally gotten to the point that I can know almost 100% of the time when its a black assailant because race will not be mentioned or it will be buried near the bottom of the article.

Mitchell 1 weeks

I don’t understand... What does her race have to do with it, if the reason given is “because she was wearing a mask”?

Justin's Socks
Justin's Socks 1 weeks

I don't even need to look into the article anymore to know the aggressor isn't white. If they were - it would be the first thing said. Of course, because black people can't be racist..

Isaiah 1 weeks

I'm confused, what makes this a hate crime? From what I read it was someone seemingly undee the influence lashing out at someone wearing a mask. Did I miss something?

Mutatis 1 weeks

It does not sound like anything about race was mentioned by the perpetrator, and there was an overt statement regarding the victim's use of a mask. So why is the race of the victim and perpetrator relevant to this crime? Perhaps there is more information to be had, but it seems like everyone is jumping the gun a bit in making this about race.

josh 1 weeks

I knew the second I saw this, the comments would be loaded with anti-black comments because the attacker was black. It is pitiful how predictable the right is with crap like this. Yes. This attacker was a black woman. No, she will not get any sympathy or support from the left just because she is black. Yes, black people can be racists, anyone who says different is just stupid. Now that is out of the way, let’s get to the real issue. The rightwing media created this mess by blaming China for the virus. The moment they did that, they knew they’d be putting targets on every Asian persons back. I am fine with blaming the Chinese government for the virus, but the people of China and Asians had nothing to do with this, and should not be blamed. Then Tucker Carlson who just last week had a show that told his audience they should harass, attack, and bully anyone they see wearing a mask outside. He has the highest watched show on Fox, and he knew his words would cause some of them to act on his words. This is just the beginning, I am sure the attacks on Asians will increase especially if they have a mask on. Even if the attacker was a far left thinker, if you hear the same thing over and over again from the other side, some people will intigrate some of their oppositions views. But we don’t know if this was one of Trumps black voters, or anything about them yet. All this being said, people need to stop judging, harassing, and attacking people for doing what they feel most comfortable doing. If people still want to wear a mask outdoors, that is up to them. It is their right to wear whatever they want outside.

Tristan 1 weeks

And they said women couldn't be violent assholes too. I'm glad we can finally see both sexes equally now.

NicholeB 1 weeks

Wtf is wrong with people??

Aden 1 weeks

Why does this have to be a race thing it sounds like it was more over a mask debate than her being Asian

Verax 1 weeks

Ugh, stupidity comes in call colors. One difference being, when MY race does it, you're not allowed to say anything bad about us otherwise you're racist. Well how's this for racist - I'm a black guy decimating ignorant black culture through their (our?) own music. Rap. Take a listen:

Roland Pittman
Roland Pittman 1 weeks

I got it! What we need is a twitter campaign to stop asian hate. Problem solved.

Noobs 1 weeks

This actually IS a hate crime. Holy shit, USA.

MIDESSA 1 weeks

To clerify to those who seem to be having an issue with this being a black woman, racist come in all colors but White Supremacists are white. Racism and bigotry are just evidence of fear caused by ignorance. Our primal instinct is to fight or flight and as in this case the coward is armed and her victim was not so she attacked. I'll bet with some background you will find this isnt her first aggressive action.

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