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Shark attack survivor wins right to keep tooth left in surfboard

Shark attack survivor wins right to keep tooth left in surfboard

An Australian surfer was almost brutally pulverized by a great white shark attack found the shark’s tooth on his surfboard after rescuing his life from it. He was hospitalized in 10 days during his coma. The tooth was broken and stuck in the surfboard after attack. State rules prohibits possessing protected-by-state animals’ parts. For now, state granted him an exemption to keep it as a souvenir.

Slevin Kelevra
Slevin Kelevra 2 months

Sharks lose teeth all the time and they get replaced, s it seems a little ridiculous to ban their possession if you didn't kill the shark, but then again, in America, you can't even have a feather dropped from a bald eagle, so......

Egbert 2 months

"Shark took my leg, but I got his tooth!" Yep, Shark won that one. Different states have different laws, there were cases of Abalone fishermen in Tasmania killing sharks and taking souvenirs. Same in South Australia. Western Australia is a very big state and if this happened at Margaret River it wouldn't be a problem. Australia nationwide has a law you can't use dead/taxidermy Native Flora and Fauna in art work.

Deborah 2 months

Hey, the shark gave it to him

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